David McKeag Trainer

I have been working out myself since 1983 and find that my biggest motivation for continuing is the reward of being in good shape, feeling healthy and having the energy of someone many years younger. In 1994when I became certified, I made it my career to help others achieve this kind of satisfaction.

The four main components of fitness are nutrition, resistance exercise, cardio and flexibility. Each component can get you only so far. Put all four together and any one can succeed in realizing their goals. That's where I come in as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I'm here to help you make sense of something that could otherwise be very

My role as your trainer is to make sure you reach your goals in a reasonable amount of time. With me, you have not only a motivator but an educator. I will make sure you not only have an effective fitness plan utilizing the four main components, but teach you to understand what you are doing.

I will develop a fitness plan specific to your needs, goals and respect any limitations you might have. My workouts consist of a brief warm-up, the resistance component focusing on specific body parts or a full body workout both including core strengthening and finishing up with trainer assisted stretching for flexibility.

With me you will get a straight forward no nonsense approach to fitness. In all my years of training myself and others, the one thing that seems to work best is keeping things simple, utilizing basic body sculpting techniques using free weights, machines and body weight only exercises. I will work with you on understanding nutrition and how it fits in with your new more active lifestyle.

As your Personal Trainer, I am committed to helping you reach your goals one step at a time. Fitness is not just about getting to to these goals, but being able to sustain your achievements for a lifetime, modifying old behaviors while adopting new more beneficial ones.